Mixed feelings

I was dreading yesterday. Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. I knew that I had to converse with my mother on the phone at some stage yesterday, to back up the birthday card that my 100 mile distance allowed me to send by post without any other interaction between us. The reason for my turmoil was that it was, by a cruel coincidence, Article 50 implementation day, the start of Great Britain and EU divorce proceedings. Continue reading “Mixed feelings”


It happened again.

I started blogging here around three months ago. I quipped, in the comments that were kindly offered below my first post, that if I was still writing here in three months it would be an unusual thing for me to have kept at it. Well, I am sort of here, so that is a minor victory I suppose, but I have just deleted everything I have written here since 2017 started. Continue reading “Deleted”

New Year

I like New Year more than the party and sparkly junk festival that is Christmas. The change of the year number on my calendar is at once an arbitrary but significant signal.

Apparently this year, due to the sheer weight of the Earth’s problems slowing it down they had to add a whole extra second to 2016 to get things back in sync with its spin, the counterbalancing effect of many heavyweight celebrities choosing to leave us to it was not enough. Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds even tried doing it in related pairs towards the end but still it was not enough. Continue reading “New Year”


For only my second post I’ve had the idea of starting with a theme that is currently in my head. That is, I have a question and I’ll try to reason it out in writing. Also in my head are many thoughts that are entirely unrelated but I’ll save those for another time, if indeed they have the temerity to doggedly appear more than once or be said by more than one of my voices. So the aim is to concentrate on the one question enough to make a meaningful piece out of it. Continue reading “Greetings”