The Florence Speech


Alt-Story SqIn a quite frankly unbelievable twist of fate, The Bryntin Project has managed to get a copy of Theresa May’s intended speech in Florence only hours before she actually errmmm.. speeches it. You may have read every news outlet’s conjecture beforehand, this is the real conjecture. Bonus features of this article are being able to come back and see how accurate this leak has proved to be and losing two minutes of your life in the process of reading it.

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Crumbs of Wisdom

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OneWordAs I am starting off in the world of blogging I am often drawn to sites which give advice about increasing the readership of your blog.  After all, I am looking to increase the readership of this one, the stats page could do with something new to tell me occasionally.

I am beginning to pick up a few little crumbs of advice about the way things are done out there.  Continue reading “Crumbs of Wisdom”

Word Story

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OneWordI haven’t been doing this blogging thing long so I am often found doing fuck all getting inspiration by sitting in front of my computer and reading through other people’s work. Mrs Bryntin often finds me sitting in front of the computer, just reading or just sitting and thinking, and she playfully remarks on it, as can be found in my first post here. Continue reading “Word Story”

Abdullahi Muhammed follows me

I inhabit a bit of a weird world when it comes to technology. When I went to school and got a computer exam pass, the computer room in the school was the size of my bathroom now. The four computers in it had four completely different operating systems, none of them was in colour – unless green text on a tiny off-greeny-black screen qualifies as colourful –  and none was what you would now call ‘a PC’. Bill Gates was probably a contemporary to us but was working with a more sophisticated set-up in his garage than was in our IT department. Continue reading “Abdullahi Muhammed follows me”

Facebook. Not scary, stupid.

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OneWordI was reluctant to join Facebook. I found out why because after doing an online Myers-Briggs personality test recently (I know, but the link was from a blog where the author was otherwise pretty coherent, funny and interesting so I thought I’d give it a go) I came out as an INFP type (or the INFP type? Don’t know, but I definitely came out with the result). Continue reading “Facebook. Not scary, stupid.”