A bit of a break

ProperJobBryntin was aware that he has not posted anything new for blinking ages. He was also aware that, post his existential angst and the discovery of his Bear R Humphreys alter ego, his brain, which was only a slightly obtuse concept at the best of times, was generally nowhere to be found.

Bryntin thought it would probably be best to signal to anybody reading and actually enjoying his increasingly random and bizarre blog that there was a possibility he couldn’t actually be arsed to write anything new on it at the moment and he had no idea when he would because it wasn’t one of those times when even his obtuse concept of a brain was present.

Bryntin thought that ‘obtuse concepts’ was a good phrase but probably best not to overuse it. More than three times in a post was possibly an obtuse concept too far.

He thought perhaps he should have a bit of a refreshment break and would return to writing afterwards, probably with the same ideas he had before but perhaps with some new words skilfully added to hide it.

He thought he would quite like to find a way of getting ‘obtuse concept’ into a post one day, although he would obviously not overuse it like some idiots do.

Anyway, he thought he’d go on a walking holiday by the sea for some fresh air. Fresh sea air always helps. Beer always seemed to help as well, so he’d probably have some of that too.

He couldn’t care less what Bear R Humphreys was up to but he was willing to bet it wasn’t just going for walks at the drop of a hat like he could, although he was certain that being the right way up meant that Bear didn’t drop his hat as often as Bryntin did.

Bryntin thought he’d be back at some stage, perhaps as early as next week if it rained a lot, but he didn’t want to put a certain time on it.

That felt as random, as chaotic and as obtuse as normal, so he was happy.



Bryntin’s 7 ‘How to blog successfully’ tips

ChaosBryntin was feeling magnanimous

More accurately, he had decided that he couldn’t sit on the secrets to successful blogging that he had already learned and keep them to himself any more and was going to generously share them freely with his followers, whether they liked it or not.

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Barrington does brain surgery

FluteAlt-Story Sq

Bryntin knew that his readers would be intrigued by this news and felt that it needed more answers, so he called his Private Investigator Barrington Higginbottom to see if he’d get to the um… bottom of the inevitable questions it would provoke.

I know what you’re thinking already, you’re thinking this won’t end well, aren’t you?

Well, it doesn’t even start well so you’re probably right.

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WordPress Discover Editors’ Pick

So… that’s what the ‘big reveal’ was.

Bear's Photos


Amongst all the usual newsletters and regular store emails one morning last week I had an email from Ben Huberman at WordPress.  I recognised the name but couldn’t quite place why. The subject line was ‘You’re an Editors Pick on WordPress Discover!’

I took a moment to try to process those few words. Some pinching of skin might have taken place to check my wakefulness levels too. It turns out I was awake and it was real.

I was stunned. It went on to tell me that he’d really enjoyed my photographs of Cornwall and was selecting my blog for being featured on an upcoming Discover Editors’ Pick.

Oh my word. Me? My blog? My pictures?

My next reaction was to feel pretty guilty because I know a lot of photographers make more sacrifices for their craft with a lot more dedication than I do.

Some spend loads of their…

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The return of One Week Whymes

OneWordDaily Post: Wonder (and others)

Bryntin gets a lot of letters (no he doesn’t… no one really gets a lot of letters these days. If a blog piece starts with ‘I get a lot of letters about…’ it’s a good sign that the writer has no real imagination and didn’t know how else to start his post) asking him about the good old days when he used to try to make a poem out of a weeks worth of the WordPress Daily Post One Word Prompts.

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