High mileage for Barrington

Alt-Story SqI was getting worried about Barrington. I asked him to investigate something for me weeks ago now but I just received this update letter.

I know, no one uses snail mail and all that but, due to his old-school intelligence background, Barrington Higginbottom isn’t really a fan of electronic communications. Well, not using it anyway, he’s fine with listening in to anyone else’s.


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How to impart wisdom to your son


I have talked before about having a daughter who is lovely but mildly obsessive about order, round numbers and has the inability to clearly pronounce a word starting with ‘s’ without showering stuff in saliva.

Which, funnily enough, is exactly that would happen if she tried to say ‘showering stuff in saliva’. There must be a word for a phrase that describes what happens when you say the phrase. If there’s not, I propose ‘a Bryntinism’.

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A point of order

Innocently yesterday I wandered about the internet and read many things.

Innocently I read Lucy Grove-Jones’ Silence Killed the Dinosaurs blog and laughed heartily at the latest post from her, which was in response to another blog which she had linked, so I went there and laughed heartily at that one too.

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This blog post is avoidable

LifeI don’t know if Theresa May’s speech writer, he or she – or they, as is more likely these focus-grouped days – are stable geniuses but their abilities in ‘how to make sparse ingredients sound like you’ll be getting some sort of glorious and blissful transcendent epiphany’ must at least be up there with restaurant menu writers.

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Birthday Littering

ProperJobI am aware of a lot of likes, comments and follows for my blog from many other bloggers and I do check out the sites of most of the names that appear on my notifications.

I admit to not following back a lot of the sites that I see on there, although I often feel guilty that, having liked my nonsense, I am not returning the compliment to those fellow bloggers who are often working much harder than me on issues such as accuracy, facts, logic, sense, grammar and spilling.

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